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With offices in Chicago and in New York, Matrix Executions, LLC has broad sales coverage, complementing the elite skills and state-of-the-art assets that delivers results to demanding institutional and retail professionals. 

Matrix is a technology-driven firm founded by innovators and trusted, experienced industry professionals. We provide exceptional technology and execution services for the buy-side trading community.  The ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing derivatives trading landscape is based on our deep industry involvement, our extraordinary staff, and our entrepreneurial spirit.  Exceptional execution services come from having close client relationships to assess their unique needs, experienced engineers to deliver innovative technology, and vast knowledge of handling derivatives execution for 20+ years.  We strive to provide the most advanced technology and best service in the business.

Matrix Executions connects to all US options, equities and futures exchanges. We also connect to multiple international exchanges.


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Executive Team



Michael McNamara

Mr. McNamara serves as President of Matrix Executions. He has over 25 years’ experience in derivatives markets and the financial technology industry. Prior to joining Matrix Executions, Mr. McNamara served as Head of Support and Trading for the listed options division of ConvergEx Execution Solutions, where he oversaw trade support, clearing, and the execution desk on the CBOE. Mr. McNamara joined ConvergEx in 2007 when the firm acquired LiquidPoint LLC. Mr. McNamara was the Chief Operating Officer at LiquidPoint, a leading provider of execution management and algorithmic trading solutions for the institutional options community. He served on the management team that founded LiquidPoint in 1999 and held a variety of roles over his time with the firm. Before joining LiquidPoint Mr. McNamara was the Global Risk Manager for Rosenthal Collins Group, a global Futures Clearing Merchant based in Chicago. Mr. McNamara holds an M.B.A from the University of Chicago, and a BA in economics from the University of Notre Dame. He maintains Series 4, 7, 24, 27, 56 and 63 licenses with FINRA. BrokerCheck


Chief operations Officer

Allen Greenberg

Mr. Greenberg, Chief Operations Officer for Matrix Executions, concentrates on trade/technical support and the compliance areas of the firm.  Mr. Greenberg brings over 30 years of Compliance, Brokerage, Customer Service and Management experience in both multi-national corporate and entrepreneurial settings.  Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Greenberg served as the Senior Vice President in the Options Compliance department for ConvergEx Execution Solutions.  Past positions included managing the trade and technical customer support teams for ConvergEx and managing the CBOE and AMEX options execution teams for LiquidPoint.  Mr. Greenberg has served as a FINRA (formerly CBOE) arbitrator for over 10 years.  He is FINRA Series 3, 4, 7, 24, 28, 56, & 63 registered. BrokerCheck


Chief STRATEGY Officer

Jay Fraser

Jay has over 20 years of experience in the securities industry with a specific focus on cash equities and listed derivatives execution in both domestic and international markets. Prior to joining Matrix Executions, Jay was previously IEX (the Investors Exchange) where he was an early employee of the US stock exchange. At IEX, he held a number of roles establishing the core exchange execution platform, including sales management and business development to the institutional investment community. In addition, he socialized with public companies the plan to build a listings venue to compete with the NYSE and Nasdaq. Previous to IEX, Fraser was the head of Deutsche Bank’s Autobahn Equity Americas unit where he built out the firm’s global footprint in electronic sales and trading. Before joining Deutsche Bank, Jay was head of Citadel’s execution services group (institutional unit) in the US focused on electronic sales and product development. While at Investment Technology Group (ITG) he spent over 14 years in both strategic and tactical sales, trading, product and management roles across the entire global equity trading continuum. BrokerCheck

Advisory Board

Anthony J. Saliba

Mr. Saliba is an internationally renowned business leader, entrepreneur, option trading pioneer, and investor in nearly 100 companies. Master trader at CBOE where he also served on Board of Directors. Founder of International Trading Institute. Sole founder and CEO of Liquid Point, a trading platform, broker and solution provider. Part owner and Board member of the Chicago Stock Exchange.  Author of three books on options trading strategies: Option Spread Strategies, Option Strategies for a Directionless Market, and, Managing Expectations: Driving Profitable Option Trading Outcomes Through Knowledge, Discipline, and Risk Management.  Helps companies achieve high rates of growth and identifies initiatives to unlock exponential value.

Jordan Naylor

Mr. Naylor is the former CTO at LiquidPoint, LLC and Vice-President at CBOE. He has designed, developed, and managed a variety of options trading systems since 1996. Mr. Naylor led the design and architecture of market data processing, order routing algos, front end and back end systems. At CBOE he contributed to the design of their next generation matching engine, Vector. Mr. Naylor is the founder of OpCode Systems, LLC, a technology company that specializes in flexible low latency trading and analytics platforms.

Matthew Otto

Mr. Otto serves as the Director of Matrix Pro Development. He is the former Managing Director of ITG and founding partner of Chicago-based RedSky Financial. He managed, architected and built the back-end trading software at RedSky Financial, which was later sold to ITG.  During his tenure at ITG, he won the Best Global Deployment award from American Financial Technology Awards (AFTA) for his development of zero defect and zero downtime architecture, and the Most Cutting-Edge IT Initiative for his development of a highly scalable Complex Event Processing engine. Mr. Otto managed development teams based in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Israel while at ITG.

Larry Shover

Mr. Shover has 25 years trading, risk-management, and public fund management experience. He has traded on 14 options and futures markets during his career.  He can currently can be seen on Sky News, FOX Business, as well as a frequent commentator for the LA Times, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post.  A graduate of the Wharton School of Business, Mr. Shover is also the author of Trading Options in Turbulent Markets:  Master Uncertainty Through Active Volatility Management.

Joe Corona 

Joe Corona has been actively involved in derivatives markets for over 35 years. Mr. Corona served as Director of Strategic Planning and Product Strategy for ConvergEx Options Trading and Technology (formerly known as LiquidPoint). Joe’s primary area of responsibility included design of workflow solutions for both buy-side and sell-side clients, design and development of trading and execution algorithms, as well as market structure research and overall routing logic management. Mr. Corona has had extensive experience as a trader both in the listed and over-the-counter derivatives markets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.  He has highly developed skills in proprietary trading strategy and risk management.  Joe has also co-authored two books on options trading: Option Spread Strategies, and Option Strategies for Directionless Markets.