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Execution Services & Trading Technology.

Services & Products



  • Low Latency/High-speed Routing & Execution of Options, Futures & Equities

TRading Technology:
Matrix Elite & matrix Pro

  • White Labeled Trading Technology
  • State-of-the-art flexible front-end
  • Charting & Risk Management
  •  Trading technology from flexible front-end to algo rack to low latency/high-speed executions


  • Training programs for institutional traders incorporating the VolLab simulator

Trading Technology

Our trading technology cater to broker dealers, professional traders and hedge funds alike. The solutions fill the need for a comprehensive, cost-effective technology solution for both the professional and retail derivatives trading communities. Clients have a choice between desktop and mobile, both very flexible in nature. Both platforms offer the ability to trade on every US exchange and numerous international exchanges. There is the ability to route through a BD, at very competitive rates or choose an existing relationship. 

We understand that changing technologies can be a very difficult process, so we also offer custom development and the ability to plug in our solution to another backend.

Matrix Pro

  • EMS/OMS built into one application
  • Multiple views (trader, supervisory, etc.)
  • Full risk Monitor and Position Management (Greeks, Sensitivities, What-Ifs, P&L)
  • Highly customizable front-end views & formatting
  • Wide range of order types and preferences
  • Integrated Multi Asset Basket facilitates fast execution of strategies based upon market dynamics
Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 5.13.22 PM.png

Matrix Elite

  • Next Generation Desktop and mobile application (7 platforms)
  • High Performance System Architecture
  • Multiple risk management and charting modules supported
  • Multiple asset classes managed from unified front-end
  • White label integration capacity for retail margin engine, position data & routing systems
  • Path to mobile application delivery
Matrix Elite



  • Smart Routing, Strategies & DMA: listed options, futures & equities
  • API tools for programmatic inputs & automated routing & hedging
  • Robust suite of algorithms
    • Smart
    • Sweep
    • Hunter
    • Volatility Strategy
    • Delta Strategy
    • Native Spread Router
    • Synthetic Spread Router


The VolLab Learning Experience

"A rock-solid foundational understanding married to unwavering discipline, is essential to be profitable when trading options." The VolLab approach enforces the discipline that is critical. VolLab, a professional trading platform for training, employs bots, AI, rigorous curriculum, and real-world simulations in a flexible format for a personalized training experience. The platform contains dozens of challenging proficiency drills, evaluative questions, concept reinforcement videos, and exhaustive real-time reporting. Students trade on simulated "live" markets, applying option trading concepts in the VolLab practice environment. All activity is logged, evaluated, and summarized. Firms save money by stabilizing their options staff when their traders practice risk adjusted trading.